Children's Character Barbie Umbrella


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Children's Character Barbie Umbrella


Barbie Charcter Print Umbrella 

Are you a Barbie Girl? Then grab this gorgeous hot pink umbrella and be everything you dream of! Hot pink panels alternated with cute Barbie print is sure to brighten up your Barbie Girl's day.

Features Include:
  • Span of umbrella when open is approx 68cm.
  • Length of umbrella when closed is approx 55cm.
  • Shaft, frame and ribs are made from steel.
  • Hook handle, rib tips and ferrule are made from artificial plastic material.
  • Please note - This umbrella comes in two very slightly different designs. The umbrella pictured may not be the exact umbrella you receive.

Safety comes first with children. Blunt rib tips, special shaft gliding feature ensure this umbrella is safe enough for use with children.

Available to ship worldwide

Additional Information

Brand Umbrellaworld
Print Options Yes! I am available for printing from 1 piece only. Restrictions Apply!